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Adventure in the trees: the must do experience in the Ardèche

tree climbing, the must do outdoor activity in the Ardèche

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience, full of adventure and nature sports ?

Located near Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in the Ardèche (at the gateway to the Gard), our “Accroche Toi Aux Branches” tree climbing park offers exactly that.
Immerse yourself in a world where sport, adventure and the beauty of nature meet, creating a thrilling experience that will amaze children and adults alike.

The Ardèche: a land of adventure and beauty

TheArdèche is a department rich in varied, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Here, rocky outcrops stand alongside forests and sparkling rivers.
It’s in this natural setting that our AccrobrancheToi Aux Branches park welcomes you, and offers you a memorable adventure in the trees.

Adventure in the trees

Imagine yourself safely climbing, jumping, swinging or zip lining from tree to tree.
At Accroche Toi Aux Branches, tree climbing is an activity accessible to everyone, from children who can discover the world from above, to adults who can rediscover their childlike spirit.
Our park offers courses to suit all levels and ages, so that everyone can experienceadventure at their own pace.

Our commitment to your safety

Safety is a major concern at our tree climbingpark in the Ardèche. Our equipment is regularly checked and maintained in accordance with current safety standards.
Our team of trained professionals is always on hand to guide you and help you get the most out of your visit to our park.

Discover the Ardèche, Vallon Pont d’Arc and the Gard

The Ardèche is rich in attractions and activities. After spending some time in the trees, why not explore the Ardèche river by canoe, and discover the famous Vallon Pont d’ Arc, a natural arch created by the river?
Or take on a game of paintball or laser game in complete safety?
Or venture into the neighbouring Gard department to discover its rich historical heritage?

Doing good for your body and mind

Not only is tree climbing an exhilarating outdoor activity, it also offers numerous health benefits. It helps to strengthen your body, improve balance and coordination, and also stimulates the mind by providing challenges to overcome.
And what better way to recharge your batteries than to breathe the fresh air of our tree climbing park on the banks of the River Ardèche ?

Your adventure awaits you at “Accroche Toi Aux Branches”.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for a relaxing day out in the great outdoors, our ” Accroche Toi Aux Branches” tree climbing park nearAubenas(Ardèche) andAlès(Gard) is just what you’re looking for.
We also welcome groups and offer special rates for group bookings and special events (birthdays, EVJF, EVJH…).

Visit our online booking page for tree climbing to book your adventure in the trees. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of theArdèche and enjoy an experience you won’t soon forget!